Tubular Aluminum
Patio Furniture

Tubular Aluminum Patio Furniture Summary
  • A less expensive substitute for cast aluminum patio furniture
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Low maintenance patio furniture

Tubular Aluminum Patio Furniture Comes in Many Types

Aluminum is an ideal material for outdoor patio furniture. Tubular aluminum patio furniture has the great qualities of being light, rust proof, and durable. Compared to iron and hardwood outdoor furniture, tubular aluminum patio furniture is easier to carry and transport. If you live in a harsh climate where rust is a problem, tubular aluminum patio furniture may be a better choice. Unlike iron or wood, aluminum is virtually impervious to scorching sun, soaking rain storms, and rambunctious children. These are some of the reasons why aluminum is among the most popular of outdoor furniture materials.

What is Tubular Aluminum Patio Furniture?

Tubular aluminum patio furniture is made from extruded aluminum tubing. Molten metal is forced through a die, which shapes the aluminum into a hollow tube called tubular aluminum. These aluminum tubes are used to create a variety of patio furniture shapes that are limited only by the imaginations of the furniture designers.

In the patio furniture factory, the aluminum tubing is bent around jigs to form the seats, backs, arms and legs of the patio furniture. Sheet aluminum can be formed into table tops, or aluminum bands can surround glass table tops to prevent the glass from chipping and cracking. The shaped parts are welded or, in the case of patio furniture that folds, bolted together to create the unfinished piece of outdoor furniture. Seating framing is notched or channeled to accept straps, strap under-decking for cushions, or sling fabrics.

Tubular aluminum comes in plain tubes and a variety of reinforced tubes with multiple channels. Better tubular aluminum patio furniture is reinforced as seen in the following illustration.

Tubular aluminum patio furniture finishes include the bare aluminum of lower-end beach chairs available at discount stores to the more stylish, better quality powder coated patio furniture. Powder coated aluminum first gets a chemical spray bath to clean and prepare it to accept the coating of color. The powder coat finish is six times thicker than paint and resistant to weather and most scratching. It is literally baked on, forming a skin that adheres to the aluminum and that is very resistant to chipping, peeling or cracking. Once the finishing is complete, straps, slings and table tops are added and the patio furniture is packaged for shipping.

Tubular aluminum patio furniture is generally lighter and cheaper than its cast aluminum or wrought aluminum counterparts. Although tubular aluminum is cheaper, it does not necessarily mean that it will be less stylish. It particularly lends itself to contemporary or modern styles of patio furniture. A large palette of powder coated frame colors is available from many manufacturers. An even larger array of colorful sling fabrics, cushions and straps is available to give your selection the decorator's touch you need for your patio or poolside.

Aluminum Patio Furniture Is
Low Maintainance

Compared to other kinds of outdoor furniture, aluminum patio furniture requires almost no upkeep. One need only apply liquid wax once a year. If the furniture gets dirty, wash with water and mild liquid detergent. Putting the furniture indoors or covering it during winter months will extend the lifetime even longer. When properly cared for, aluminum furniture should maintain its attractive lustre or matte finish for decades after purchase.