Resin & PVC Patio Furniture

Resin & PVC Patio Furniture Summary
  • Among the least expensive types of outdoor furniture, rivaling only the low price of tubular aluminum
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Low maintenance

Inexpensive Plastic Resin and PVC Patio Furniture

The main advantage of plastic resin and PVC patio furniture is the extremly low price that one can pay for a patio set. Quality varies tremendously with these materials and the price tag is usually the best indicator for what will last a reasonable amount of time. Prices can range from about $75 all the way up to $500 for a full patio set. As far as single pieces go, one may find a cheap mono-block chair at any neighborhood drug store for only a few dollars. This will usually last about one or two seasons. Conversely, a similar looking chair can be found at a patio store for five times the amount, but will last much longer. The differnce is that the more expensive chair has higher quality raw materials going into it and a better manufacturing process. The result is a great looking chair that will retain its new look for many more seasons and have much greater durablity. The main difference between resin and PVC patio furniture is the manufacturing process. Resin is shaped into solid moldings, while PVC is extruded and hollow, like a plastic pipe. Both are great for wet environments like the poolside. It is a matter of personal taste for which kind is best for a buyer.

What is Resin and PVC Patio Furniture?

Resin is polypropylene plastic with chemicals added to make it suited for outdoor furniture. These chemicals give the furniture greater whiteness, greater strength and durability, and resistance to sun and dirt. Resin patio furniture is made by injecting liquid plastic into a mold where it cools into a solid. As mentioned above, higher quality resin patio furniture has more chemicals added and it is molded for a longer period of time under higher pressure. Lesser quality resin patio furniture is made as a single molded piece, while higher quality items are assembled from multiple pieces. The very best, top quality resin patio furniture has multiple coats of lacquer finish giving the furniture a very attractive sheen.

PVC is short for poly-vinyl chloride. Originally made for plumbing pipes, PVC pipes used for patio furniture are now specially made to withstand the elements. PVC has the same chemicals that resin has to protect it from ultraviolet rays and make it more durable for outdoor use. The only real difference between resin and PVC is the overall look and the respective solid and hollow interiors.
Both forms of plastic patio furniture have many different color choices with white as the most popular. Resin patio furniture has a variety of styles from traditional wood slat styling to more contemporary designs. Textured looks and natural finish imitations have become popular in the past few years. They both can simulate the appearance of rattan, wood, and aluminum furniture.

Maintaining Resin and PVC Patio Furniture

Resin and PVC Patio furniture is very easy to maintain. Simply spraying the furniture with a hose is adequate to clean it in most cases. At most, a mixture of mild soap and water can be used. The most anyone usually needs to do to care for this kind of plastic patio furniture is to apply wax annually. Depending on frequency of use and care, high quality pieces of resin or PVC patio furniture may last as long as a decade.