Polywood and Seaside Casual Recycled Plastic Lumber Patio Furniture

Recycled Plastic Lumber Patio Furniture Summary
  • Maintenance-free substitute for wooden patio furniture
  • Extremely durable and weatherproof, Classic styles
  • Recommended Retailer: Dax Stores
    Our evaluation shows that Dax Stores the lowest prices, free shipping, and the best service in the Recycled Plastic Lumber patio furniture category.

Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture: The Look of Wood without the Maintenance

Recycled Plastic lumber patio furniture is one of the newest categories of patio furniture, and its styles look very similar to painted or stained wooden outdoor furniture. It makes a superior maintenance-free substitute for wooden Adirondack or Traditional wood outdoor furniture. Plastic lumber patio furniture is put together with mortise and tenon joinery, and stainless steel fasteners, just like other higher end wooden outdoor furniture. Plastic lumber patio furniture should not be confused with the light-weight, injection molded plastic chairs and tables that you might find at a lower-end retail store.

What is Recycled Plastic Lumber Patio Furniture?

Plastic lumber boards are made out of 100% recycled milk cartons and other HDPE recycled plastic containers. Of all the types of outdoor furniture, plastic lumber is probably the most environmentally friendly choice. The used milk and food containers are transformed into plastic lumber by a number of manufacturers, and some of the finer grades of this lumber are used to create outdoor furniture that looks like painted wood, but has none of the maintenance problems of wood. Plastic lumber is also being used for maintenance free decking material, as well as for fences and arbors. Even gazebos and other out-buildings are now being constructed of plastic lumber.

Recyled Plastic Patio Furniture Manufacturers: Polywood and Seaside Casual

There are two manufacturers of plastic lumber to consider, Polywood and Seaside Casual. Polywood has made plastic lumber patio furniture since 1990, and they invented this category of outdoor furniture. They won the outdoor furniture industry's highest design award for their Tradewinds Rocking Chair in 1993, and they have won a Best Buy rating from Consumers Digest for their entire Adirondack collection of chairs, rockers, benches, gliders and ottomans. Our experience is that people who buy one piece of Polywood patio furniture are usually very taken with it and they eventually buy more pieces.

Seaside Casual started making plastic lumber furniture more recently, in 2002. Their Envirowood-brand plastic lumber patio furniture is very high quality and has very fine authentic styling details. It looks so good that you could put this furniture on your front porch without hesitation. Although they are new to plastic lumber furniture, Seaside Casual also makes a variety of high quality wooden outdoor furniture, and has been doing this for nearly 100 years. We should also note that their prices are considerably higher than Polywood for comparable pieces of plastic lumber patio furniture.

Both Polywood and Seaside Casual make a variety of attractive styles of plastic lumber furniture, with the Adirondack and Traditional styles among the most popular. Polywood also makes a number of different plastic lumber glider chairs, glider benches, and glider ottomans.

Maintenance Free Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture

Our testing has shown that the plastic lumber patio furniture from both manufacturers is maintenance free. Plastic lumber is impervious to moisture and stains. The color cannot chip away because the color is throughout the material, not a surface application like paint on wood. It will not warp, cup, or rot. Plastic lumber has UV stabilizers to make it colorfast in the sun. The furniture is put together just like better wood patio furniture, using mortise and tenon joinery and stainless steel or brass fasteners that will not rust. This patio furniture can be left outside through Minnesota winters or Arizona summers with no ill effects.

Recommended Web Retailer for Recycled Plastic Patio Furniture: Dax Stores

Our evaluation has shown that one newer web retailer, Dax Stores , consistently has the lowest prices on both Polywood and Seaside Casual recycled plastic lumber furniture. They also offer free shipping on orders over $100. They also get high marks for customer service. Given their success in offering the best deals on plastic lumber patio furniture, we wish that they offered additional lines of outdoor furniture from other manufacturers. Fortunately, Dax Stores tells us that they are planning to expand their patio and outdoor furniture product lines over the course of this year (2005).