Web-Based Patio Furniture Retailers Offer Better Prices and Selection

Overview of the Patio Furniture Retail Landscape

Retailers of patio furniture can be divided into three groups:

  1. The big box retailers, like Walmart, Sears, Target, Kmart, etc., offering cheaper patio furniture that needs replacement every few years.
  2. Specialty patio stores and smaller chains that specialize in high-end patio furniture at maximum prices.
  3. Web-based patio furniture retailers that collectively sell the entire range of patio furniture, from the least expensive to the most expensive brands, and a vast selection of styles.
Over the past 30 years I have bought and tested outdoor furniture from retailers in all three of these groups. And although it was slow to start, patio furniture retailing on the web has become, by far, the best way to purchase the best products for the least amount of money and shopping effort. Let me explain why:

The Web Moves Patio Furniture More Efficiently

Traditional retail moves goods from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer through a series of transportation and warehousing steps. Each time the product moves to a new warehouse, the price is marked up to reflect the cost of the transportation and warehousing. Big box retailers try to minimize this by buying shiploads or trainloads of patio and outdoor furniture and storing it in giant warehouses. But ultimately, even they have to deliver individual patio sets to the local big box store by truck, often over very long distances. Smaller specialty patio retailers have even higher costs to move small quantities of patio and outdoor furniture from warehouses to small stores scattered over the metropolitan areas that they serve. And all those stores and warehouses costs millions of dollars to build and maintain. They also need paid staff to run the stores and warehouses. All traditional retailers add these very significant costs to the patio furniture you purchase from them.

On the other hand, the World Wide Web allows patio furniture buyers to be directly connected to the sources of the patio furniture they want. If a buyer orders a patio set from the Internet retailer, the retailer ships the furniture one time--directly from the manufacturer to the purchaser. This is much more efficient than repeatedly shipping heavy patio furniture from warehouse to warehouse, like a traditional big box retailer or patio specialty store. Also, since web-based patio and outdoor furniture retailers have no warehouse or retail store leases to pay, and because the Internet retailer's staff is also typically much smaller and more knowledgeable, their overhead is much lower.

Better Patio Furniture Selection on the Web

There are hundreds of manufacturers making thousands of styles of patio and outdoor furniture. No matter how big they are, traditional brick and mortar patio stores have a very limited selection of the available brands and styles of patio furniture--only what will fit on their showroom floor. In contrast, Internet patio and outdoor furniture retailers can offer the entire collections of multiple manufacturers, including many more items on their web sites than would ever fit on the largest showroom floor. By using the web to buy patio and outdoor furniture you have access to a much better selection and you can get exactly the patio and outdoor furniture that you really want, not just what your local patio store happens to carry.

The Web is a Much Better Way to Comparison Shop

Save money buying outdoor furniture on the web But the greatest advantage of the web is your ability to efficiently shop the entire universe of web retailers and get the best price. Because it is so easy to comparison shop on the web, the market has forced web retailers of patio furniture to offer the best buyers' incentives like the best prices AND free shipping. This means you can get the exact patio and outdoor furniture you want, for the lowest price and delivered free to your door! This selection and value gets us pretty excited, and hopefully it also excites you to use the web to shop for your new outdoor furniture. For a step-by-step explanation on how to do this, go to our How to Save Buying Patio Furniture Froogle Tutorial