Use Froogle to Find the Best Prices for Patio Furniture

Froogle Tutorial

Here is a brief tutorial on how to use Froogle to shop for the best prices on patio and outdoor furniture. Froogle is a new service of Google, the famous internet search engine. To find Froogle, go to the Google main page,

Click on the Froogle link and go to the Froogle main page. Then type in your patio furniture search term. Typing in something very general, like "patio furniture" or "outdoor furniture" will return too many results. A better way is to type in a specific type of furniture or a manufacturer's name or both. You can find out more about which manufacturers make which types of furniture by reading the furniture style pages on this site.

In our example, we are searching for a "Polywood shell back Adirondack chair", so we enter this string into the Froogle search window.

Enter your patio furniture search terms into Froogle--be specific

After hitting "Enter" on this search term, Froogle comes back with what they call a "Best Match" search results pages. These pages are NOT in any particular price order, so you have to do one more step. Click on the circled "Price: low to high" button, and Froogle will reorder the seach results from lowest price to highest price.

As you can see in this actual example, the web patio furniture retailer Dax Stores has the lowest price on the Polywood Shell Back Adirondack chair. If you click on the Froogle picture of the chair for Dax Stores, you will then go directly to the full Dax Stores listing for this chair, where you could purchase it if you so desired.

At the bottom of the Froogle search results you will see a green bar with the words "The results below were automatically extracted from web pages. Price and category information are uncertain."

Patio furniture retailers, like Dax Stores, whose Froogle results are ABOVE the green bar, have accurate results because these retailers take the time to provide Froogle with a data feed containing their prices, product descriptions and photgraphs. Their Froogle feeds are updated at least every 30 days, as required by Froogle.

Retailers listed BELOW the green bar do not provide Froogle with this information, so Froogle instead tries to parse the pages of these retailers as best it can, with varying results. Shopping retailers listed below the green bar is tricky and you have to thoroughly investigate these results before putting much faith in them. Often we have found that the prices and even the items that appear below the green line are not the same as the prices or items on the corresponding web site, when you click through to it.