Cedar Patio Furniture

Cedar Patio Furniture Summary
  • A lightweight softwood that resists cracking, warping, and decay
  • It is a durable wood that can last up to 25 years with proper care
  • Medium maintenance

Cedar Patio furniture is a Cheaper Alternative to Teak and Redwood

Cedar makes a great choice for the buyer that prefers wood patio furniture but not the very high cost. This wood has many properties that make it a good choice for outdoor patio furniture. First, it is relatively strong and lightweight making it easy to move around and transport while at the same time holding up to heavy use. It maintains its shape for years as it resists cracking and warping. This softwood is also splinter-free even without a coating. The oils contained in the wood resist decay and bacterial and fungal growth. This makes it useable in pool, sauna, or hottub areas. The organic compounds called "thujaplacins" found in this wood, gives this patio furniture the distinct fragrance which smells good to humans but repels insects. It is because of these qualities that this material is such a popular choice among many patio furniture buyers.

Cedar Patio Furniture Set

What is Cedar Patio Furniture?

Cedar trees are classified into two major groups. The group used for patio furniture is called cupressineous and several species are found in North America. Most of the patio furniture made from cedar seen today is made from western red cedar which grows from Alaska to northern California. The more rustic log patio furniture one may see at cabins are usually made from northern white-cedar.

Most cedar patio furniture is sold without any sealant or other exterior coating. We recommend that you coat your cedar patio furniture in order to increase its longevity. Cedar, like any other wood will naturally weather from deep, rich tones into a gray as it is left in the sun. Some people prefer gray, weathered look patio furniture while others prefer the newer and richer toned look. The amount of maintenance done on cedar patio furniture depends on the desired look.

Maintaining Cedar Patio Furniture

Cedar patio furniture does not have to be stored indoors during the winter, but doing so will increase your furniture's longevity two times. If unmaintained, it will weather and the grain of the wood will become raised. Cedar patio furniture may be stained with exterior wood sealant. This will prevent the grain of the wood from raising, but allow it to weather to the same gray color as before. Semi-transparent stains with ultraviolet inhibitors will maintain the wood's original color and lustre. It should be applied at least every year or as needed depending on severity of climate. Paint should usually be avoided, as the moisture in the wood can cause the paint to blister and peel over time. With proper maintenance, good quality cedar patio furniture should last about 20 years.